Thank you for an amazing season!

It is this time of the year that we would like to thank you for visiting Zakynthos and especially Avalon Palace Hotel for your holidays. We hope we did our best to give you a memorable stay with top service and premium amenities. All we want is to make your stay the experience of a lifetime. We kind of keep pride in our hospitality standards here.

Well, we know you were here this year, so we understand how stunned and impressed you are about the true natural beauty of this place and all. We know, you had a blast, you relaxed, you enjoyed our sceneries, you went on an adventure, you fell in love, you had a fight… And guess what? We want to know all about it. Tell us exactly what happened. We want to hear all about your stories from the saddest, to the funniest, to the most romantic ones, to the exciting ones, all of it. Yes, with pictures. Visit our Facebook page and spill them all out! We’ll be waiting…


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