Navagio Beach – The Superstar

You are most definitely dealing with a star now! Basically, THE Star of Zakynthos, let alone Greece.

Navagio, actually means “shipwreck”, from the boat ruins lying in the coastline, hence the name given.

Τhe Shipwreck story goes like this. In 1983, a ship carrying contraband cigarettes and alcohol was being pursued by the Greek Navy, when due to bad weather conditions it wrecked on the beach and was destroyed. The ship was washed ashore. With the years passing, the sand completely surrounded the ship which looks now as if it emerges from it.

The vestiges of the ship can be seen in the middle of the large white sandy beach and its amazing turquoise and crystalline waters. Huge vertical cliffs of white rocks surrounding the beach create a unique and enchanting image.

The beach of Navagio, or Shipwreck Cove, is the most famous beach of Zakynthos and can be found on the west side of the Ionian island, close to Anafotiria village. The Shipwreck is one of the most photographed landscapes in Greece. It is considered as one of the top beaches in Greece. It was initially called Agios Georgios but it was given its final name due to the incident that marked the shore.

To reach this paradise, one has to take a little boat ride from the small port of Porto Vromi. These taxi boats are leaving every hour and the trip lasts about 30 minutes. To get there, you will drive through Macherado villages, St. Leontas and Maries, till you arrive at Port Vromi and catch a boat to the shipwreck. On the way to Navagio, the captain also stops at the Blue Caves. Blue Caves is also a Zakynthian superstar and one of the most stunning views worldwide, also only accessible by sea. The blue caves are interesting arches created by
erosion along thousands of years, which allow for going through these caves and being actually surrounded by this surreal environment.

Getting back to the main superstar, Navagio beach, another fun fact is that the beach is usually very crowded, but swimming there is one of the most beautiful experiences of a holiday on Zakynthos.

Shipwreck beach is a magical destination for many people around the world and is a top destination for summer vacations in Greece.

If you miss it, you may feel incomplete…

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