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Museum of D. Solomos and Other Eminent People of Zakynthos

In the historic square of Agios Markos, an impressive neoclassical building is housed that since 1966 houses an equally remarkable museum, with numerous relics of Zakynthos, many of which come from private donations. On the ground floor, there is the Mausoleum where the remains of the national poets Andreas Kalvos and Dionysios Solomos are kept, while in its rooms there are a variety of exhibits that include portraits of famous Zakynthos of the 17th-20th century. [Zakynthian Hierarchs and intellectuals], furniture from Zakynthos mansions, musical instruments, works of plastic, ceramics, woodwork-woodcarving & metallurgy, embroidery, knitting, jewelry, engravings, ink painting, photographs and ink. [Address: St. Markos Square 15, Zakynthos, Telephone Number-Fax: (+30) 26950 48982]


Monasteries and Churches

Lovers of religious art can discover masterpieces in the dozens of historic churches and monasteries of the island. Many collapsed in the 1953 earthquake but were rebuilt and are worth your visit. Among them, the church of Faneromeni in the village of Lithakia [14th century], the church of Ag. Mavras in Macherado, the church of Agios Nikolaos in Kiliomenos with the stone, carved bell tower of 1893, Ai Giorgis ton Filikon [17th century], where Theodoros Kolokotronis, leader of the Greek War of Independence, was sworn in. The monasteries of Anafonitria, Yperagathos, Agios Georgios of Krimna, the Most Holy Theotokos Spilaiotissis and the Holy Monastery of Panagia Skopiotissa are also of extreme interest.

Three important temples are worth your visit inside the city of Zakynthos: the church of the patron saint, Agios Dionysios, the church of Agios Nikolaos on Molos and the catholic church of Agios Markos.




The Patron Saint of Zakynthos [1547-1622], whose holiness was recognized in 1703 by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, is brilliantly honored on August 24. It is not difficult to locate the temple, as its tall bell tower is a trademark and stands out from the port. The remains of the Saint are kept inside, in a relief silver ossuary, crafted by the craftsman silversmith Bafas.


Agios Nikolaos

at Molos

The Renaissance-style building was erected in 1561 and was originally located on an islet connected to the mainland by a bridge. It managed to survive the catastrophic earthquake of 1953 and today, it is the historical jewel of Solomos Square, declared a Historical Preserved Monument and hosts the hierarchical vestments of Agios Dionysios.


Church of


It was founded in 1518 and adorns the homonymous square, next to the D. Solomos and Other Eminent People of Zakynthos. It is the only catholic church on the island of Zakynthos and receives visitors only during the summer months.

Outside of Zakynthos Town, about 15 churches and 20 monasteries hide unique treasures. Within a radius of 20 km from the Avalon Palace Hotel, we suggest you visit Panagia Skopiotissa [11.7 km], Panagia Keriotissa [22 km], Eleftherotria Monastery [10.5 km], and the Yperagathou Monastery [19 km].




At the southwestern end of the island is worth your visit the beautiful, traditional village of Keri, which hosts the Church of Panagia Keriotissa, where the miraculous ancient icon of the Virgin Mary is kept. The church is impressive, in ocher colors with burgundy details, built of stone and decorated with tread patterns on the windows and columns at the entrance.




Southeast of the city of Zakynthos, at the top of Mount Skopos & at an altitude of 450 m., the white monastery of Panagia Skopiotissa, which dates from 1624, catches the eye. Made of hewn stone, the Byzantine church, in the shape of a free cross with a dome, is decorated internally with frescoes and a marble iconostasis, while the floor is decorated with the double-headed eagle of Byzantium. The view to the neighboring villages, the verdant hills and the sea, is spectacular.




The Holy Yperagathou Monastery is of particular interest, built in the 17th century and is a part of St. Catherine of Sinai since 1671. You will find it near the village of Kiliomeno, surrounded by flowering meadows. The nunnery is built in the style of a basilica and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, whom she honors on November 21.




The Eleftherotria Monastery, built in 1962 by Archimandrite Christoforos Gelbesis, is a majestic nunnery, one of the largest and most impressive monasteries on the island, above the village of Macherado, built panoramically in the town of Lagopodo. It houses relics of infants ​​killed by Herod, rocks from the Holy Land [Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Holy Sepulcher, etc.], a magnificent wood-carved iconostasis,the oldest in Greece, over 300 years old & the icon of Panagia Vrefokratousa (the Virgin holding her baby).


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