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Blue Caves

How many gradations can blue have? How clear can the Ionian waters be? How many beauties can the seabed hide? The answer is hidden in the Blue Caves, in the northwestern part of the island. These impressive white geological formations have formed a series of caves accessible by boat and hide the clearest waters you could ever imagine. It is undoubtedly an excursion that should be included in your trip to Zakynthos It will be unforgettable, offering unique images and an exciting swimming experience!


National Marine Park of Zakynthos

The entire southern coastline of the island, from its easternmost tip at Cape Gerakas to its westernmost, Cape of Marathias, is a breeding habitat for the sea turtle Caretta caretta & the Mediterranean seal Monachus monachus, but also an area with rare species of endemic flora and fauna as well as birdlife. The protection and preservation of the ecological and coastal zone of the Gulf of Laganas, which includes the wetland of Lake Keri and the Strofades Islands, has been undertaken by the NMPZ, which carries out dozens of protection, research and training actions. In the area of Daphni, you can visit the Thematic Exhibition Center of the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta, to get acquainted with the research project and the incredible marine world that hides the Ionian Sea. [Information National Marine Park of Zakynthos, 1 Eleftheriou Venizelou, phone +30 26950 298 70].



In the Bay of Laganas, a small green island with exotic nature steals the show. Its only permanent residents are the sea turtles that come here to lay their eggs. On the side towards Laganas, there is a beautiful white sand beach that is flooded with visitors. The other sides of the island are rocky, with caves and places suitable for swimming. The waters are idyllic, turquoise, crystalline, with amazing seabed that you can explore with a mask. Organized excursions start from the Coast of Laganas, Lake Keri and Porto Koukla but you can rent a private boat for more independence.