Bochali is a large, green hill with panoramic views of Zakinthos.
Take a walk in the narrow streets and refresh with a cold drink in the main square.
On top of the hill lays a Venetian castle, some of the imposing walls of which are still preserved in many places. ​

An olive and pine tree clad path takes you to the serenity of Strani Hill. The statue of national poet Dionysios Solomos rests here, to denote the location that gave the poet inspiration to compose the Greek national anthem “an Ode to Freedom”.

We will also find nearby a small ancient amphitheatre that host live music performances during the summer months. Stand right in the middle and speak up, to enjoy the perfect acoustics of this stunning formation

This church, the biggest in the city, is dedicated to the protector of the island and it is located along the seashore.
Built in 1948 and resisted the earthquake in 1953, now its bell tower is very high and stands out among the different buildings recognizable as soon as you enter the port.
Even if it hasn’t got any particular exterior characteristics, when entering you are impressed by the quantity of frescos, lamp holders and colours. The bell tower, being surrounded by numerous bulbs, during the night is lit, creating a lovely view.

Located in Solomos square is the only building in Venetian style that survived the earthquake in 1953 and has been restored keeping its original characteristics. Originally it had been on as island connected to the mainland by a bridge, than the island joined the city. For many centuries the church belonged to the Sailors Corporation. Dated back to the 17th Century it is the most ancient building in Solomos Square. Inside there are the liturgical ornaments of Saint Dionysios, the island protector that for a period in his life gave him services to his church.

 Zante is an island mix of busy downmarket beaches, quiet family coves, wild and rugged cliffs, green forested hills and fertile plains, a choice for every holidaymaker. There you can expect organised beach bars, umbrellas and sun loungers as well as pretty village tavernas serving Greek cuisine.

Tsilivi is a nice sandy beach approximately 5 minutes northern of the city of Zakynthos. It is a family beach with many amenities and many restaurants and coffee places. Ideal for a quick swim in the sea!
Agios Nikolaos (means Saint Nicolas) Beach is one of the best organised beaches on the island. It is a golden-sanded beach with umbrellas and sunbeds to rent; you can enjoy several water sports and even play beach volley in one of the courts available.
Voted repeatedly as one of the best beaches in the world, this is one of the miracles of nature! Its a must-visit place on the island. The beach takes its name from the wreck of a smugglers ship that lies there since 1982. The beach can only be accessed by boat but there are several boat services leaving from the capital of the city all day long. Don’t forget to bring food and water with you.
Rent a small boat and enjoy a full day of sea activities. By renting one of these small boats, for the day or for a couple of hours, you can explore the beautiful Laganas Cove, the adventurous Keri peninsula with its numerous little isolated beaches.
Located at the northern tip of the island and are only accessible by boat. The area is ideal for those into diving or snorkelling.